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Buying presents is hard enough.

However, when the person you’re shopping for is a gadget aficionado — and you’re more of a gift set kinda person — you’re likely to need some pointers.

The home space has never been so full of tech innovation, from reliable smart home fixtures like Nest and Alexa, to more frivolous home additions, like FX lighting for Halloween.

HomeHero has rounded up five exciting home gadgets to impress the practical nerd who thinks they have it all.


home gadgets
Photo credit: Molekule

Everyone wants a clean home but have you thought about the quality of the air circulating around your rooms? There are numerous health benefits to having an air purifier at home. Enter Molekule, an industry-defining air purifier. Molekule Air replaces the air in a 600 square foot room every single hour. It essentially sucks in the dirty air and pollutants and releases the kind of air you actually want to be breathing in. It’s also much quieter than other purifiers and captures larger particles like pet air and dust. For those who favor a Steve Jobs aesthetic, instead of the fussier designs of some purifiers, this is the one to blend in with modern interiors.

Starts at $319. Ships internationally.


Ikea Smart Blinds

Picture credit: Ikea

Contrary to popular habit, the best way to wake up is not with a blaring alarm, quickly turned on light and vat of strong black coffee. Not in 2019. The Wellness Era is upon us and we are waking up the importance of rising as peacefully as possible, getting those mindful morning breaths and stretches in. Enter smart blinds. Not only do they fully block out light, but they also allow you to program the time each day you should be waking up. Use the TRÅDFRI app to set the time, or control the blinds with voice activation.

Blinds start from £115 and the gateway has an additional cost.


Lifx Bulbs

home gadgets
Photo credit: Lifx

These wifi-enabled bulbs are perfect gifts if you want to get a loved one into the world of smart homes, without breaking the bank or making things too complex. They boast “billions” of colours so you can get really creative depending on the mood and season. No hub is required and they work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Lifx are also beta testing an app, offering an easier way to control the lights from the palm of your hand and with schedules programmed in like Day & Dusk and some impressive FX features (Flame, Flicker or Move).

Bulbs start from as little as £19.99 and also come in bundles.


iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Photo credit: iRobot Roomba

This is probably the most efficient, and certainly the most fun, vacuum cleaner. The robot makes its way around your home at the push of a button. It comes with a smart app, which allows you to schedule your cleaning schedule while you’re on the go, and runs continuously for 2 hours using sensors to adapt to its surroundings. It even has a sensor that prevents it from falling off any drops, or down the stairs, so you can leave your darling bot at home with no fear of harm. You can also preset it to vacuum up to 7 times a week, making for a truly sparkling home.


Bang and Olufsen Peony Portable Speaker

home gadgets
Photo credit: Bang and Olafsen

If you’re looking to bring some joy into the life of someone with a penchant for pink accessories, this limited edition Bluetooth speaker is just the ticket. Bang and Olufson are known for their sleek, minimalist designs but it’s nice to see some colour in their collections — a nod perhaps to the millennial penchant for peony. This portable speaker is louder than its size suggests, carried easily by its leather strap like a handbag. Splash and dust resistant, and with a playtime of up to 24 hours. Fabulous.


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