HomeHero’s Head of Product, Andrew Bevan, knows a thing or two about product management; his whole career has been devoted to it. However, as he points out, there are ways to make the jump from another field into this one if you take some clever steps. Here’s where to start…

1) Get close to the product team

If you’re working at a large-ish company already in a non-product role, get close to the Product team and ask what it would take to get an entry-level position as a product executive or owner.  A lot of progressive companies have made efforts to create an internal entry channel for people to move across teams in this way. 

2) Upskill and network

If you’re starting out, there are courses out there and many great meetups and events, such as Mind The Product https://www.mindtheproduct.com/. Get speaking to people in the space, make connections and demonstrate your ambition. 

3) Is It A Realistic leap from your current role?

Be honest with yourself about your CV story to date. Is there a bridge between what you’re doing now and getting into a product role? People often make the move from either a Marketing or a Tech background. Both are a great springboard for those keen to start in a product role. If you’re not in either, think about whether that could be an interim step to take first.

4) Act (and Know) The Part

Forge a direction that starts moving you into a product management role. Product is a highly cross-functional discipline, so if you start behaving like a Product Manager, you might end up getting the recognition.  

5) Get Comfortable with Ambiguity

Develop your ability to work as a problem solver in highly ambiguous contexts.  In product management, you’re often working on something that’s yet to exist, so an ability to not get lost in that space and to carve a well defined and logical way forward is a big part of being a good product person.

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