So, a third national lockdown is well underway, and you know what that means? Yet again, we’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time at home. You know the drill. 

But this time around, what is a better way to feel more comfortable and in control of your home than to invest in some super tech gadgets?

From affordable smart speakers to innovative devices, HomeHero’s list of the nine greatest tech gadgets will help transform your home into a haven you’ll be able to make the most out of and enjoy.

1. Google Nest Mini

First up, we have the Google Nest Mini. Although it’s on the smaller side, this handy smart speaker packs a punch with LED volume controls and 2x stronger bass than the original. 

From YouTube to your inbox, the Google Nest Mini allows you to stream all your entertainment, music and relevant content from your favourite apps with the sound of your voice — even if you’re across the room. 

But in HomeHero’s humble opinion, the Google Nest Mini is an excellent home gadget for its ability to make home life easier. 

With a simple ask, Google Assistant will set and relay all your personal admin such as schedules, reminders and timers back to you, helping you stay on top of a hectic home lifestyle. 

It’s also made from sustainable materials and is highly affordable at just £49 — with bundle packages and sales all year round. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ bargain? 

2. Phillips Hue Smart Bulbs

Do you struggle with separating work from play whilst at home? We know just the gadget that can help: Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

What’s great about these high-quality LED light bulbs is their versatility. Not only are they energy-efficient, but Hue bulbs come with 16 million colours that will instantly transform the ambience of any room. 

For when you’re working from home, the White Ambiance bulb’s cool energising daylight will streamline your efforts. Planning a movie night? How about a deep blue to really set the scene.

All you’ll need to do is download the app onto a smart device, and at the touch of a button, you’re good to go. 

You’ll also need to buy a bulb, of course. Starting from just £29.99 and with various fittings, this home gadget is an affordable yet innovative way to help you enjoy your home more.

3. Dyson Pure Cool Me

Next, we have Dyson Pure Cool Me; the first Dyson personal purifier fan. While this home gadget is more on the expensive side, starting at £299.99, the current health crisis means it’s definitely worth having. 

Dyson has engineered the purifier to improve air quality by capturing gases and 99.5% of ultrafine particles from your surroundings.

It eradicates bacteria and mould spores, allergens and VOCs and projects cool, filtered air back into your home, so you’re able to live a healthier lifestyle. 

And with an adjustable dome, you’re able to control your airflow precisely where you want; whether that’s on your home office desk, bedside table or kitchen counter. 

4. Arlo Ultra Security Camera

While Dyson’s purifier fan will help protect you from illness, the Arlo Ultra Security Camera will defend your home from harm. 

This cutting-edge tech gadget is perfect for the outdoors. Not only does it capture security footage in crystal clear 4K, but it’s completely weatherproof, wire-free and WiFi-enabled.

It also boasts impressive specs like motion tracking, colour night vision and a motion-activated spotlight to ward off unwanted guests. 

Camera kits start from £449, and you’ll be able to review all your buying options here

While it is a hefty investment, burglaries in the UK are still occurring — despite the fact we’re staying at home more. In HomeHero’s eyes, this home gadget is well worth the price!

5. Microsoft Surface Mouse

As most of us made the transition to remote working last year, there’s a chance you’ve probably thought about how to improve your home office space. 

And while ergonomic chairs and potted plants are our handy go-to’s, the Microsoft Surface Mouse is a home office essential. 

It’s sleek, minimalist and ergonomic but most importantly, this wireless mouse lasts up to a year on two AAA batteries. Talk about handy!

Although it’s a Microsoft product, the Surface Mouse is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows models and uses Microsofts ‘BlueTrack’ technology to connect to your device. 

Retailing at just £25 at Currys PC World, the Microsoft Surface Mouse is a must-have home gadget.

6. Smarter Coffee (2nd Generation)

Aah, coffee. Since we’re all staying at home, some of us may be missing our favourite shop-bought beverage. 

That’s why investing in a Smarter Coffee machine is worthwhile. Not only are they stylish and cost-effective, but they’ll also help to reduce plastic waste. 

And this home gadget is as innovative as it gets. Once you download the Smarter app, you’ll be able to prepare your coffee from your smart device, Google Nest or Alexa — giving you ultimate flexibility. 

You’ll also be able to check the water levels and keep your brew hot for 40-mins, wherever you are. 

The app will also learn your routine and will instruct the machine to whip up your perfect coffee entirely to taste, every time. Talk about smart!

And for £179.99, this excellent home gadget could be yours. 

7. Pura Smart Device

Next, we have another smart home gadget for you; the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser — retailing at just £32.44 + Shipping. 

With the Pura Smart Device, you’ll be able to customise the scent of your home with beautiful, designer-grade fragrances, all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

You can combine up to two safe and sustainable scents, adjust their intensity and turn them off at the touch of the button, giving you flexibility, control and ease.

But at HomeHero, we think Pura’s a great pick because it creates an ambience. A home gadget that taps into the senses can gently nudge your mind into a calm state — and in this current climate, this has never been more crucial. 

8. irobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Since cleaning is home service that eats away at our free time, the iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum is a home gadget must-have. 

At the command of your voice, this Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum will clean your floors, completely hands-free. 

You can use the iRobot home app to schedule a cleaning, and it will do the dirty work for you. The vacuum continually cleans for a whopping 75-minutes, capturing 99% of allergens and dust along its way.

For £462.99, this smart home gadget will revolutionise how you clean your home. All you need to do is sit back and relax!

9. Wyze Cam Pan

A large chunk of the UK population has been juggling remote work with full-time childcare. That’s why we’re rounding off our list with the Wyze Cam Pan; an affordable, indoor nanny cam. 

At just £22, this home gadget gives you 360° coverage of any room in under 3 seconds —  perfect for when you need to keep an eye on the kids.

It’s got some pretty impressive specs, such as 2-way audio and enhanced night vision, and can automatically detect, tag and track any sudden movement. 

So, that’s it for HomeHero’s 9 Greatest Tech Gadgets for your Home. Now, which one has caught your eye? 

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