All-inclusive living is on the rise. According to Movebubble, an online rental agency, there was a 28% increase in the number of searches for ‘bills-included’ properties in 2020. 

The website’s virtual viewing feature also saw a 101% rise in searches for homes where utilities, such as electricity and WiFi, were packaged neatly in the monthly rental price.

These figures are hardly surprising — especially following the year we’ve had. People are looking for convenience in their lives, and all-inclusive living is what seals the deal. 

Not only does it save you money, but it also cuts the hassle out of scrambling for the best tariffs and passes the responsibility onto a landlord or organisation. Sounds irresistible, right? 

Living In Style

But all-inclusive living doesn’t just offer simpler lifestyles — but luxurious ones, too. Think swanky resident lounges, state-of-the-art gym facilities and even surround-sound cinemas for members to enjoy. 

What was once an annual, holiday resort indulgence is now a viable yet premium living option for many UK renters. After all, there’s certainly a demand for it. 

But how luxurious are we talking? To delve deeper into the appeal of all-inclusive living, we’re going to need to investigate their limits, if any. 

Intrigued? HomeHero thought you would be. Let’s take a look at this together.

Always a solution in sight

During the first few months of the pandemic, people’s attitudes towards prospective flatmates took on an interesting turn. 

According to SpareRoom, 46% of house sharers said the qualities they seek in a flatmate had changed — with 56% regarding kindness, empathy and compassion for others as more crucial than before.

But at times, sifting through house-shares can be tricky. In a 20-minute viewing, you’re expected to suss out what type of person your new prospective housemate(s) are, and it can feel pretty daunting. 

So, to savour awkwardness, some may choose to gloss over the critical questions and risk living amongst unwanted, negative energy — hardly the vibe SpareRoom’s respondents were after. 

But in some all-inclusive living developments, they shoulder this responsibility for you and instead create a luxurious lifestyle that many envy. How? Glad you asked. 

Social Circles All Round

Capital Living, a property management company, is one example that does this. They create smart and sociable house-shares for young professionals by undertaking a selective interview process for all prospective members. 

It’s this procedure that fills the stylish house-shares with respectful, like-minded individuals. It also helps create vibrant, tight-knit communities across South-West London — and in a time where loneliness is at an all-time high, this is a luxury within itself. 

Of course, inclusivity is key, and co-living developments need to ensure their interviews are unbiased. But for Capital Living, it’s more about finding a room that perfectly matches the candidate’s criteria; making the experience all the more desirable. 

But what about the facilities available for tenants to socialise in? Well, let us introduce you to The Collective; a flexible serviced accommodation development in Canary Wharf.

Move Aside MTV Cribs

To put it simply, The Collective takes social space to a whole new level. If you cast your mind back to the opulent homes you’d see on MTV Cribs, then you’ll know the type of luxury HomeHero’s talking about. 

For example, guests can enjoy the Big Screening Room; a cosy cinema filled with large comfy sofas, squashy beanbags and excellent surround sound systems for a relaxed, intimate cinematic experience — for free. 

Yes, included in the monthly rent, members can hire out the 21 seater theatre and host private screenings for family, friends or even for themselves after a long day at work.

All they’ll need to do is pick their favourite film, whack it on the easy-to-use projector, grab a bag of popcorn and sit back and relax. Talk about fancy. 

If members seek a more lively affair, they can head to the basement and get competitive in the Playroom; a quirky recreational space with game tables, neon lighting, TVs and interactive wall art. The choice is yours!

The Luxuries of Separate Space

What’s excellent about all-inclusive accommodations like The Collective, is the number of facilities available to tenants.

In this climate, accessing different spaces for separate functions improves our quality of life and makes lockdown just that little bit easier.  

And luckily, they don’t have to experience cabin fever severities like those in private housing can often do. 

There are designated areas for Working from Home, on-site gyms to let off some steam and restaurants to celebrate any occasion. 

And although restrictions apply to these spaces, members can immediately make the most out of them as soon as rules relax. Just push a few elevator buttons, and you’re there. 

But all-inclusive living developments always run a tight ship — no matter the circumstances. And this is where exceptional resident support comes in. 

Round-The-Clock Support

YPP, a property management company in the North of England, offers students and young professionals a premium concierge service to make life easier.

Arguably, concierge services really push the boat out. It means that a dedicated residents team manages life’s admin for you; from booking transportation to handling queries. 

And while professional cleaning services are expected in all-inclusive living developments, having staff collect your parcels or schedule appointments is a luxury, not many of us are used to. 

According to a 2018 study, 46% of respondents wished they could reduce the amount of time they spent ticking off mundane life admin tasks. 

A further two-thirds felt a relentless sense of dread caused by the stressors of their day-to-day lives. Yikes. 

But for YPP’s young professionals and students, these stressors are taken care of, and they’re able to focus on the things that matter most. And who wouldn’t want that? 

Membership Perks That Go A Long Way

Quintain Living, a lifestyle-focused rental company in Wembley Park, offers all the benefits you’d expect with all-inclusive living — from smooth property management to plenty of social space. 

But in their rental package lies membership perks that make renting in London’s most creative, up-and-coming neighbourhoods all the more luxurious.

For example, Quintain Living regularly hosts ticket giveaways for their residents. All they need to do is enter a prize draw, and they’ll be in for a chance to win a free ticket to special events.

From the NFL to Ariana Grande, members get to enjoy world-class entertainment right on their doorstep — when restrictions allow, of course.

And although they’ll be joining a crowd of thousands, what sets them apart is that their all-inclusive living got them there. No booking fees, no hassle, no extra expenses; just their monthly bill! 

Quintain Living also provides discounts and offers carefully selected partners to residents’ home life easier; from Aussie Man & Van to Mindful Chef

Residents also enjoy a whopping 70% discount on top designer brands at London Designer Outlet, the capital’s leading outlet centre. 

If that wasn’t enough, BOXPARK Wembley also offers exclusive discounts on their cultural and diverse social events, such as comedy and music nights. 

The Takeaways

All-inclusive living developments are perfect for renters ready to take advantage of the perks. It’s no doubt that they make life easier, and in a time where our lives are unsteady, it’s great to get some stability. 

But the truth is, all-inclusive living doesn’t just make life easier on the inside, but the outside, too. The benefits extend to entertainment, retailers and restaurants — making the possibilities seem limitless (and appealing!)

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