Meet Arjan Stulen — aka Ari — our Marketing Lead at HomeHero. Outside of the office, Ari is a talented street photographer. You can check out his work @pinkinthesink.

On Photography

I have always liked photography but only started making pictures regularly a few years ago when I met someone who shared a love of photography. We would head out on the street and take pictures of people, buildings, cars and objects. I think making candid photos of people is interesting. It’s freezing a moment in time.

Arjan Stulen
Photo credit: Arjan Stulen

What I like about photography is that I notice a lot more of the world around me. Like most people in London, I spend my time commuting while looking at my phone. When I’m out with my camera I suddenly see things I would otherwise have never noticed.

Capturing Strangers

Arjan Stulen

It’s hardly ever a problem making photos of people — but it depends how you go about it. What you don’t want to do is take a photo and run away. If you make a photo and someone notices, just acknowledging them helps. In all the time I’ve taken pictures, one person may have asked me to delete their photo.

Inspired By

It started with an interest in the really early street photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson (one of the founders of Magnum photos) who used to go out into the streets with his Leica. British photographer Martin Parr is another of my favourites, he brilliantly documents British life through beach scenes, food, events and interiors.

Then you have Joel Meyerowitz — an American photographer and more recently people like Daniel Arnold, who captures life on the streets of New York. He’s got quite a following on Instagram and now covers events like The Met Gala; the photos he took there are raw, candid shots.

My Best Shot

Arjan Stulen

In street photography you start to anticipate things. I was walking in Amsterdam, I saw a woman and she was going towards a door. Next to the door, I saw a plant and I noticed that her hair was almost exactly the same colour as the plant. I knew that there would be a moment when she’d pass the plant which would make a good photo opportunity. So I rushed towards her — in a way that didn’t suggest I was running towards her — and she passed the plant just as I took the photo. I wouldn’t say it’s my best photo but I have very fond memories of that day.

My Why

What do I get from photography? A sense of instant gratification. Quite often you know when you have a good shot and so you just want to take more photos. It’s also about capturing a moment in time. Most things in life are temporary and so there’s something nice about taking a random moment and just freezing it.

On Instagram

I’m not the biggest fan but for someone who makes photos, it’s the largest platform where one can show photos to other people. On phones, photos are small however and there is nothing like seeing photos printed. After the first 200 photos, I printed a book.


I love architecture and design. Mid-century architecture; the kind you find in California in places like Palm Springs. Richard Neutra is a famous architect of mid-century modern, a movement inspired by Bauhaus. I love designers like Marcel Breuer and Mies van der Rohe. The Bauhaus design ethos is ‘form follows function’, so designs often end up looking quite simple even though a lot of time has gone into its function and the required materials. When you look at these designs they convey a sense of integrity and quality.

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