Becky Stanton is an organiser who specialises in personal and home energy. She helps entrepreneurs create their Work Sanctuary at home so they can have a more purposeful and intentional space to focus on their business success and create a space which they will adore working in every day.

What are you currently up to with your work and how did you get into it?

I’m so pleased to be a Work Sanctuary expert, who inspires and empowers people to create a workspace that fully aligns and maximises the success they want in business and life.

I’ve always been very sensitive to my environment, but I was not always aware of the direct impact it was having on my life! When I left my corporate job and started working from home on my own business, I came to realise the importance of the working environment on effectiveness and productivity.

I noticed that when I was working in a cluttered, chaotic and unorganised environment, that’s exactly how my days would unfold. Working on my business felt hard, like wading through treacle! I knew that starting a business would have challenges but my levels of demotivation, procrastination, lethargy and frustration was so much more than I ever expected.

I was working as a Home Organiser and I knew that physical clutter and disorganisation impacted well-being and focus. A cluttered home would create a cluttered mind, as our subconscious mind would be constantly distracted and engaged on what was physically there (even though our conscious mind would choose not to focus on it). The powers of clutter clearing were evident to me and I was sharing this message with my clients and seeing results.

At that time, I was working from my dining room table and I was surrounded with home distractions, work materials and tons of paper! I was fortunate to have a dedicated office but I was choosing not to use it for a magnitude of reasons. The over-arching reason was that it didn’t “feel right”.

After another disappointing day working from home, I knew I needed to make a change. I took a step back and I saw that my current environment did not match my business dreams for success, or the positive and joyful energy I wanted to feel while working on my business. It was completely misaligned — almost the polar opposite!

I started to create a space I wanted to spend time in and this evolved into my Work Sanctuary.

I applied the clutter clearing principles to clear any stagnant energy from the space, and starting tweaking my environment to align with feng shui principles. Understanding energy and space was transformational for me and my personal energy. I felt a surge of inspiration and focus. I was also working on becoming more purposeful and enjoyed creating a space that was intentionally focused on my business.

My office became a dedicated sanctuary to my business. It was a sanctuary from the home distractions, as well as being a focus on my business ideas, vision and strategy! It was a place I would look forward to waking up and starting my day in.

Instantly, I noticed a quantum shift in my well-being and mind-set. I was more positive, more pro-active, more active in general, happier at home, more easy-going, and more effective with my time and energy!

It reinforced that the working environment is a key factor to productivity, effectiveness and overall business success. I realised that our workspace can actually be a blocker to the success we want, and I instantly knew I needed to share this message and support others.

I pivoted my home organisation business and I created a Work Sanctuary programme. I support clients with understanding their space through feng shui and help them create a purposeful and intentional space in alignment with their business plans!

Using visual cues, clutter clearing, and traditional feng shui practices, we create their work sanctuary that supports them to reach their goals with ease, and be more effective every day. It’s all about understanding the physical and energetic space and their personal energy.

What does “home” mean to you and how that changed for you over time?

Home means family and relaxation, and it always has for me. I love nothing more than a “lazy Sunday” — snuggled on the sofa with my husband, dog and cats, and a good book. I’m a homebody at heart.

At the beginning of my working from home transition, I would work from the dining room table despite having a dedicated office space. But this would impinge on my “home time” as work would be everywhere! The clutter and the distraction wouldn’t allow me to fully relax and enjoy my weekends or evenings as much as I wanted to. I would feel constantly “on” thinking about my business and would not be able to fully relax and unwind.

Although I adore my business and working, I still need to rest and take breaks from business-mode. By having a Work Sanctuary, I was able to separate work and home life by creating rituals and routines to transition myself between the two, despite being under the same roof.

When I’m in my sanctuary working, there are no distractions around me and it is purposefully designed to be 100% work-focused. I am the CEO of my business there and I’m able to be effective and purposeful with my time and energy. When I finish for the day or week, I choose to complete a routine task that transitions me into a more relaxed mindset (usually journaling about my day or meditation) and I can close the door to my sanctuary. There is a mental and physical close to the working day which helps me transition to relaxed Becky.

Choosing a transition activity to start and end your working day is key for those working from home. In the morning, I like to have a dog walk out in nature to end my morning routine and transition into my business day.

What sort of clients do you work with and what core problem are you solving?

I work with female business owners working from home who feel un-inspired with their workspaces. They often choose to avoid working in their dedicated workspace as they feel more motivated to work elsewhere, but there is a desire to create their very own Work Sanctuary and to increase their daily effectiveness working from home.

When I work with clients, the aim is to create an inspiring and joyful workspace that is in complete alignment with their business vision and goals for success.

A recent client was frustrated working from home as she disliked working from her office. She described it as boring, un-motivating and cold. The space itself was full of non-business materials and was fairly dark and crowded. The first step was to complete a visualisation together and she was able to connect with her dream workspace. From there, we worked together to clear any non-business clutter from her space and re-build her ideal work sanctuary. This included painting the walls, moving her desk to the Power Position (feng shui tip), utilising mirrors and images to create the emotions and feelings she wanted as the CEO of her business, create a Power Wall showcasing her business vision and plans, alongside injecting joy and inspiration to create a space she enjoyed working in. She went from never working in her office to choosing to spend lots of time in there. It was magical to see her transform and to become so purposeful with her choices in the design — always considering whether an item deserves a place in her sanctuary and what impact it would have on her working day! The awareness is an important skill that can be applied in every aspect of life and business.

What are your top tips for someone looking to create a workspace at home?

1. See your workspace as an extension of your business

When you understand that your environment impacts your well-being, effectiveness and motivation; choosing to use this to your advantage is a game-changer. Start to create a work sanctuary that supports your business plans — energetically and physically — and you will see an instant improvement in how you work at home.

2. Create an intentional space

Within your workspace, choose to be surrounded by items that are purposeful to you and your business. Firstly, connect with the emotions, feelings and energy you want to have working from home. Then intentionally surround yourself with things that align with this. Anything that is not business-focused or not in alignment with this, does not deserve a space in your work sanctuary.

3. Choose where you sit carefully

Avoid placing your desk up against a wall with your back against the door. This will distract your subconscious mind and not allow the creativity and inspiration to flow while you are working. Follow feng shui guidance and choose the ‘Power Position’ where you can see the entrance to your workspace (although avoid being in direct alignment with the doorway).

Are there traps we need to avoid when it comes to CREATING A WORK SANCTUARY — and ways to avoid them?

Yes, clutter! Naturally, clutter will build as you evolve and grow so habits to clear clutter and remain intentional are key. I recommend my clients to clear their desk at the end of every day (it can be part of the transition from work-mode to home-mode) and on Fridays I advise to have a more thorough clear out to ensure you are ready to start on Monday in a clear and intentional space.

The other trap to look out for is distractions. Everyone is distracted by different things, but there seem to be more personal distractions when working from home (life admin, chores, hobbies) — so awareness is key! Become aware of what your personal distractions are that are impacting your effectiveness and then build in new habits to remove them.

For example, social media is one of mine! As with many people, I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. It has helped me launch my business, I’ve connected with so many wonderful people, and it continues to inspire and motivate me every day. But it can also be a BIG time-sucker and an easy way for me to procrastinate and avoid challenging work situations. To overcome this, I schedule in time to engage on Instagram in my day and avoid sporadically scrolling when I’m on my phone. You can also set time restrictions so you receive a reminder once you’ve hit your time!

Finally, can you recommend any books and/or podcasts for those interested in looking at how to optimise their productivity or working space?

I love books, podcasts and videos — I love consuming new information and feeling constantly inspired by ideas and stories.

My current favourite books are:

  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod — for an effective and inspiring morning routine before working from home
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo — to create an intentional and purposeful space
  • High Performance Habits by Brendon Buchard — to introduce effective habits and rituals for personal and business success
  • Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas — for intentional working to support our personal energy (and burnout!)

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