Darren is the man leading the team in rolling out HomeHero to beta properties across London and championing Home as a Service. Here’s why he’s so excited to be on board.

Darren, you’ve had some seriously impressive experience in the property space, why HomeHero?

For the past 8 years I’ve been working within companies that have been looking to improve the home move experience for residents. I feel like we’ve never quite cracked it, that’s why I’m so excited to be here at HomeHero, it’s different. 

HomeHero is on a mission to make managing a home easier, freeing up time for the things that really matter in life. The app takes the hassle of household management away from the customers. Empowering users with an AI-powered operating system that acts as their personal home assistant. That’s revolutionary. 

Tell us more, what makes HomeHero different?

HomeHero takes care of jobs like setting up a new home, getting day one services live, paying utility bills, communicating with landlords and connecting users with their local communities.

Whilst there are a number of companies offering a similar ‘setup’ service, my experience with Tili has proven that in today’s congested market, the competition simply doesn’t deliver longevity to the customer or property manager. 

The secret to HomeHero? We’re defining a category, offering a truly innovative service. We’re calling this, Home as a Service. 

So what is Home as a Service, what does it mean for the user?

Home as a Service is an entirely new category in the property space, one based on the premise that the home should serve you not the other way around. 

The beauty of Home as a Service is that the category will continue to evolve and bring together more and more personalised home services into one place as the system evolves, which is so exciting. 

We plan to launch HomeHero, later this month. We’ll have our first live residents by the end of the year. 

What do you think the future holds for renting, what are people looking for from their homes?

Renting a home today has changed so much in comparison to five years ago. Today, renting is more akin to being in your own home. We’re also seeing the average tenancy length getting longer and longer. Residents are looking for a home, not just somewhere to live. 

This means more space, contemporary architecture and clean interior design. With recent months seeing more of us spending time at home, the traditional mantra of location, location, location has definitely shifted. What’s within the home is playing a much bigger role in the property space at the moment, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. 

How is HomeHero playing a part in this trend?

Until recently, serviced apartments have been the leading choice for residents looking for more from their home. This is where HomeHero can add value. 

We’re delving deeper into what people are looking for from only their homes, but their neighbourhood and community too. 

HomeHero enables users to move in and ‘switch on’ their homes at the touch of a button and feel immediately connected with their local area. That’s where the real value lies and where HomeHero bridges the gap to the future of the home. 

What are the opportunities within the property space today?

The property space today is incredibly interesting, there’s huge scope for opportunity at the moment. Over the last 12 months the market has seen more investment in property technology than any other sector. 

For us, that’s the opportunity to spearhead the Home as a Service movement within proptech. We’re using world class smart technology to not only deliver a product, but enhance the user experience. 

So what’s next for HomeHero?

The potential for HomeHero’s service is exponential. That’s the beauty of Home as a Service. 

In the future, HomeHero could turn on your lights, deliver your shopping and pick up your parcels. The Home as a Service operating system is so exciting in that sense, we have such an opportunity to revolutionise the property space, opening up the home. 

Our mission will always be to free up our users time, so they can spend it on the things that really matter in life. 

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