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Meet the Team that have shaped HomeHero and hear their take on life at a startup
the meaning of meaningful work
Startup Life

The Meaning of Meaningful Work

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. And since we spend about a third of our day in the office, we spend a third of our life working. We’d better make that time count.
Benn Moore
Startup Life

Heroes at Home: Meet Benn Moore

Benn Moore – We interview local heroes doing their bit to address homelessness in the UK Benn is
Arjan Stulen
Startup Life

Alter Ego: With Arjan Stulen

Meet Arjan Stulen — aka Ari — our Marketing Lead at HomeHero. Outside of the office, Ari is
Fola Folarin-Coker
Startup Life

Alter Ego: With Fola Folarin-Coker

“What do you do?” is a bad question. HomeHero asks our team “What inspires you?” Meet Fola Folarin-Coker.

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