On International Women’s Day, here at HomeHero we are proud to celebrate the fantastic women who have shaped HomeHero, and launch our Future Female Leaders network.

It’s no secret that Tech tends to be a male-dominated sphere and it is incredibly important to us as a company that we acknowledge the female experience and prepare and empower our female employees for leadership positions.

As an early stage startup we are really proud to be investing in an initiative that supports and empowers our future female leaders. That’s why we’ve launched Future Female Leaders at HomeHero: a network that hosts external workshops each month as well as acting as a forum for discussion.

We’re currently working with leadership and podcaster Carla Miller on a three-part series. Carla is an expert in empowering women in their careers, she supports women in tackling self doubt, becoming brilliant at influencing and making more of an impact at work. We’re excited to kick-off this series with Carla, with our first workshop, Tackling Imposter Feelings this month.

Meet some of the brilliant women who have shaped HomeHero:

Sam miles Demystifies The Energy Industry

Meet Sam Miles, Head of Home Services at HomeHero. Sam has 10 years of experience in the energy industry and is leading the innovation efforts for our energy offering. Here Sam demystifies the energy industry and shares some “Ah, that’s how it works” gems. 

How to build a great customer service team: meet iqra

Meet Iqra, our Head of Customer Service here at HomeHero as she talks about the value of insight, power napping and staying connected.

Where food meets finance: Meet afiya titus

Afiya is the Finance and People Lead at HomeHero. As well as having a head for numbers, Fi has pursued a number of entrepreneurial ventures, one of which landed her in Forbes for her health-conscious Caribbean food business.

From Founder to Content Guru

From building her own transatlantic dating empire to building HomeHero’s content strategy and writing a novel, meet Nana, our Head of Communications.

The power of Kindness: Meet Sam Duffy

Sam Duffy is the voice of our customers here at HomeHero. From city slicker to interiors guru, our Customer Service Trainer puts kindness at the heart of everything she does. Here’s her story.

From curiousity to Computer science: Meet Alex

Balancing the final year of her degree along with setting up HomeHero’s dialogue engine, meet our superstar Junior Developer, Alex Clay.

Processed With Darkroom

From Luxury PR to Tech Startup: Meet Emma

Meet Emma, our PR and Content Executive at HomeHero, as she talks life below deck and transitioning from luxury PR into the startup world.

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