Meet Miguel Machado. A full-stack developer at HomeHero, Miguel moved from a village in Portugal with a population of twelve people to Lisbon where he started his career in an AI translation company and then across the channel to us. Recently celebrating a year at HomeHero, here’s what he’s learnt so far.

1. Small Teams Hold You Accountable

This one I should’ve predicted when I made the move from a bigger company to a growing startup. You have a lot more responsibility when a part of a smaller engineering team. Most of the decisions – and how to carry them out – have much more weight on each individual team member, which creates healthy accountability in the team.

2. Prioritisation is a vital skill in startups

I’ve learnt how to prioritise things myself, rather than rely on a manager. Before HomeHero I was at a medium-sized company where everything was handed down to me by priorities and I really didn’t get to pick my approach or have a say over how it fit in with everything else going on.

3. New Company, New Language

In terms of my development work, a big change was getting back to Rails after a long time with Django. I had some previous experience with Rails but my main work had always been with Django and it was nice to finally make the switch. So far I don’t have any regrets.

4. Personal Development

I’ve improved my Javascript and Front End knowledge. I’m also able to work with Vue.js which is one of the more modern Js frameworks. Vue had been in my learning list for a while now and it was really nice to develop something in it.

5. Culture.

I’m from Portugal and this was my first job in the UK so there was definitely a culture shift when it comes to the little things. There are certain habits you don’t get over here like having a big lunch with the team, espressos after meals, and drinking wine with every meal. Back home we’d drink a little at lunch and dinner, and 0.5 litres would cost just 1-2 Euros!

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