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Fola Folarin-Coker | HomeHero
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Meet Fola Folarin-Coker. By day, Fola is our Operations Associate at HomeHero. By night, a jazz aficionado, musician and accomplished poet with an EP coming out in 2020.

HomeHero spoke to him about the other side of his life, from working in the Copenhagen jazz scene to launching a business before even graduating.

Music Production

I’ve always been passionate about music. I got into music at church, then joined a youth band which became my real introduction and later taught myself to play the piano. Music and dance always kept me going but it wasn’t until university that I built on the work I did in my teenage years (I used to film rappers and MCs in my local area for my YouTube channel, while also working as a photographer for Kiss FM). While studying at St Andrews I went from DJing house parties to being paid to DJ at a local venue and then launching my first business, an events management company serving clients all over the UK.

Running My Own Business

Once it gained momentum I was training up DJs and shipping them off to gigs around the country, adding on music styles that weren’t my thing but I knew were resonating with others — techno, trance — and following demand. I ran the business for over a year and it lit an entrepreneurial fire. Which led to…

Getting into the Danish Jazz Scene

I went on holiday to Copenhagen and ended up in this jazz club, Jazzhus Montmartre. I was absolutely blown away. Everything about the experience was perfect. I realised this was the sort of experience I wanted to create. So I crept backstage to speak to the manager of the musicians, blagged a bit about being a Jazz promoter and this guy ended up being my mentor/boss for the next 3 years.

I then started going back and forth to Copenhagen to run events during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. That was when I really started to understand what it is to be a musician, especially a jazz musician, where it’s not that lucrative so you’re in it for the passion.

Musicians To Check Out

A guy called Christian Sands, an American Jazz pianist who I came across in Copenhagen. Ulysses Owens Jr., a Grammy Award winning artist. Elaine Elias, an amazing Brazilian singer I came across.

On Poetry

I studied philosophy and gradually started writing poetry as a natural extension of this. I started churning out bodies of work and, having quit the Copenhagen scene, also started thinking about ways I could combine both my love of poetry and jazz.

I’ve been working on an EP for the past six months, going to the studio once every 2–3 weeks to record. When I write a poem I write with the intention of bringing jazz artists in. So with this EP I have live musicians laying down tracks which I then perform the poetry on top of. Look out for Blue Meditations next year!

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