The 6 wellness tools that our team are loving.

Mental health problems can affect anyone, on any day of the year but World Mental Health Day is a fantastic opportunity to show your support for a shift towards better mental health in the workplace. It’s also a time to consciously prioritise your own wellbeing so you can bring the very best of yourself to work.

Switching off completely is so important to productivity and fulfilment at work, especially in the current climate, where wellness is so critical. In the wake of the pandemic, so many businesses are leaning into remote working, which presents its own challenges in finding the right work life balance. At HomeHero we believe in an output driven culture and we want our people to bring the best of themselves to work. Here are some of the tools that our team have found invaluable. 

Simple Habit 

One of our favourites, an app designed for busy people that offers situation specific meditations, and 5 minutes of tranquility. Ranging from positive starts to a moment of stress relief. 


Calm is the #1 app for sleep and meditation, on a mission to make the world healthier and happier. Including sleep stories from big names like Matthew McConaughey and Harry Styles. 


Build up a meditation habit with just a few minutes each day from Headspace. With hundreds of sessions of offer including meditation and mindfulness for Stress, Anxiety, Focus, Sleep and Fitness. Their new Chief Music Office, John Legend, has curated a special selection of focus music artists, that are only available on Headspace 


US app from two female founders that promotes daily self care, for lifelong healing.  The app makes a habit out of caring for your emotional and mental health through positive affirmations and guided mindfulness.


An online portal that provides online counselling and therapy through online sessions, phone calls and texts too. Access private and professional counselling anytime, anywhere.


A workplace mental health platform, empowering employees to measure, understand and improve their mental well-being. The tool nourishes all aspects of mental well-being, from sleep to calmness, fulfillment to happiness. 

Time for another? Head to our Life Hacks section for more interesting articles on wellness.

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