Welcome to the age of the “Modern Hermit”, a fascinating little creature who loves nothing more than to stay at home.

You see, the Wellness Generation is obsessed with having yet another a night in. Whether it’s for self-care or because of sheer exhaustion, busy urbanites are reacting against mounting workloads and responsibilities by staying firmly put in the evening. At home.

And why not? Our favourite restaurants deliver in. The art cinemas we used to visit offer streaming services. There are even cocktail companies posting little pouches of alcohol through our doors. 

When it comes to dating, there’s a whole world of romantic possibilities at home, thanks to hospitality companies and pampering startups responding to our desire to stay inside.

So if you love your sofa as much as we do, here’s how to set things up for the perfect date at home.


liquorette cocktail delivery

It’s easy to open up a bottle of wine at home. However, mixing up a cocktail takes more work, more apparatus, and quite a few large bottles of spirits. Enter cocktail delivery. Genius. With Liquorette, you can order boxes of cocktails to be delivered to your door. Pick the cocktail you like on their site and it’s delivered complete with ice and garnish to your home. Then just shake, pour and serve. You get 2 servings per drink so it works well for that date night, plus it’s bar to door in less than an hour. So if one Negroni wasn’t enough, keep ordering with enough time to pace things.

Check it out. (This service is based in London)

Curzon Online

curzon home cinema

Netflix does not a special date night make. You watch it daily, don’t you? What is a little more special, albeit a little more pricey, is Curzon Home Cinema. This is a streaming service brought to you by London’s iconic arthouse cinema group, allowing you to pour over their classic archive of art-house and mainstream movies, as well as stream films that are actually currently in the cinema. The beauty of it is that it’s curated, with quality over quantity, which means a date night won’t be ruined by endless scrolling through options. Prices are around £9.99 for an “in cinema” film and less for older stock. There’s also a 12 free film membership if you want to make it a date night marathon. 

Check it out.

Take a Chef

take a chef

For some of us, cooking is a treat. For others, it is the definition of a chore. So if you’re going to have a date night at home, but Deliveroo is too basic an option, think about hiring a chef for the special occasion. TakeAChef.co.uk is a UK-based private chef platform. They do the shopping for you, cook up a storm, serve it up and do the washing up. Just select whether you want lunch or dinner, what style of cuisine you prefer and then wait for a range of proposals from their chefs. For a meal for two you can expect to pay around £200 (and up).

Check it out.

Urban (Massage)

urban massage

There’s no better precursor to a good date than getting yourself nice and relaxed first. Enter Urban, the startup that delivers trained masseuses to your door. For a date night, find a big space in the house and book yourself a couples massage with two therapists at the same time. Most vital is that you put some thought into prepping the room to optimise the spa-like vibes. Close the curtains and light some smelly candles.  Open up Spotify and find a relaxing playlist that suits both your tastes. Then just wait for the good stuff. 

Check it out. (Available in Birmingham, London and Manchester)

So that’s four more reasons to stay loved up at home. You’re welcome.

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