So, you’ve finally moved home. Congratulations! You’ve dealt with the stress of inventories, you’ve requested your previous deposit back, and there’s not a cardboard box in sight.

But sometimes, your biggest challenge is yet to come, and that’s settling in. For renters, in particular, making yourself feel at home in a property you’ll only live in for a year or two can be especially tricky. 

And while tenants may believe they’ll start to feel more established in their new properties as time goes on, HomeHero proposes this question: Why wait? 

While we tend to lead busy lives, making yourself feel at total peace in your new home quickly will bring a whole host of benefits that’ll improve your work, play and overall happiness. 

So, here’s another HomeHero guide that will help make your new house a home in as little as a week!

Hang artwork, photographs and decor

As you’ve just moved house, there’s a high chance you’ve got some wall decor, photographs or pieces of artwork lying around. If you haven’t already found a perfect spot for them, then now’s your chance.

Doing this is an effective way of transforming your new house into a home, fast. Not only is it convenient, but research shows that artwork can promote motivation and boost your self-esteem. 

But the key to this is finding a piece that resonates with you. Your favourite album cover, movie poster or family portraits are great choices, as they will immediately plaster your personality over the walls.

Photographs of your loved ones or ones that capture happy memories can also evoke these strong responses. Surrounding yourself with friendly faces can make you feel at ease and further familiarise you with your new home. 

If you don’t already have wall art or decor with you, start surfing the web — and with the handy next day delivery option, you will start making your new house a home in no time.

(Remember to always double-check with your landlord whether hanging wall decor is permissible!)

Bring out Some Home Comforts

Another quick way you can make yourself feel more at home is to bring out some home comforts. 

Cast your mind back to your childhood home, or any home where you felt safe, secure and loved. Then, think of what items you’ve kept that remind you of this particular place.

It could be a special piece of furniture, an ornament or a blanket — pretty much anything that evokes a real sense of childhood comfort earns a place in your new home. 

You could also try recreating familiar sounds that can put you at ease in your new surroundings, such as white noise. 

While white noise is used to comfort babies by mimicking muffled voices and ‘womb-like’ sounds, many adults use white noise for concentration, improving sleep and relaxation. 

Examples of white noise could be:

  • A tumble dryer or washing machine
  • Humming air conditioner 
  • Radio or television static 
  • Aeroplane cabin 

You could also play your favourite tunes to help you feel more comfortable in your new home. For a quick fix, simply hop onto YouTube or Spotify, and plenty of white noise playlists and music will be awaiting you. 

Clean, Clean, Clean

As you’ll probably know, the environment we create is a reflection of our state of mind. 

So, adopting a regular cleaning schedule from the get-go is hugely beneficial in making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

But we’re not just talking about the hoovering or the washing up. We, humans, are suckers for clean and crisp bed linen, and there’s nothing quite like tucking into a freshly-scented bed to make you feel at home.

Laundry detergent, fabric softeners and scent boosters play a huge part in making us feel cosy, so pick your favourites wisely to stamp your mark on your new home. It’s the little things that go a long way. 

Doing this, along with your home’s general upkeep, will help make it a more inviting place to be. After all, a cosy home is a clean home — not a cluttered one!

Evoke the 5 Senses

Finally, one of the best (and most powerful!) ways to make your house a home in less than a week is to evoke the five senses. 

As mentioned earlier, you could do this by playing your favourite tunes or displaying wall art, decor or photographs that resonate with you. But, let’s not forget smell, taste and touch. 

According to Kantar, a market research company, scented candles and oil diffuser sales jumped by 29% in October 2020 — reflecting how consumers optimised staying at home with seasonal comforts.

And can we hardly blame them? Aromatherapy candles and essential oil diffusers are great for making you feel ‘at one’ with your new home. 

These popular forms of home fragrance can boost your mood with their stress-relieving and healing properties — if sourced with natural ingredients!

Next, you could engulf yourself in comfort with soft blankets, cushions and throws to make your home more peaceful and inviting. 

Weighted blankets help calm a restless body by applying deep pressure, making them perfect options for those struggling with anxiety or stress. 

And last, but certainly not least, start cooking your own meals from the get-go. While it’s tempting to order a takeaway to save you time, home-cooked meals will make you feel more at home faster.

Cooking up a storm in your new kitchen will not only instil comfort, but it will also help to make you feel less like a stranger. It’s your kitchen, so own it!

And there you have it, HomeHero’s tips and tricks on how to make your new house a home in less than a week. You’ve got through the stressful part, now all that’s left to do is enjoy it — oh, so easy. 

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