Ari Stulen is our Marketing Lead at HomeHero. Currently working on our launch product from the Dutch countryside, he still remains a conversational MVP in the (now virtual) office. Here, Ari opens the farmhouse doors to his Sunday routine.

Where do we find you this weekend?

Wandering around the Dutch countryside, most likely with a film camera around my neck. Having switched from concrete London to rural Holland over the past months, I now find myself photographing many shades of green.

What’s the best thing you read today?

I’m going for something I watched instead. It’s The 13th on Netflix, a documentary about the amendment to the US constitution which abolished slavery but started mass incarceration. It made me realise just how deeply rooted issues of race and injustice are.

What’s for lunch?

It’s warm so it will be something light and cold. Maybe some fruit?

To work or not to work on a Sunday? 

I think it’s important to use the weekend not just to recharge but also to get fresh inspiration. For me that usually requires going outside and seeing different things. Having said that, sometimes there are important things to attend to and those things generally don’t care what day of the week it is.

What’s the best thing you’ll be working on this week?

It’s exciting times at HomeHero as we are getting closer to launch. I can’t single out one thing but if it somehow involves working out how we can deliver outstanding customer experiences, I will be content.

What’s your Sunday wind-down routine?

To me, winding down often means the absence of routine and playing things by ear instead. Or maybe that’s just what I like to think when instead Sundays are somehow about being somewhere with a camera. Again…

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