What does is mean to master the art of finding a good tradesperson and how can HomeHero help?

Aah, maintenance and repair work. Now there’s a job every homeowner just loves to organise. There’s nothing quite like the initial excitement when you realise the boilers broke, or the roof is leaking, or you’ve got no running hot water. (Just kidding) 

Whether you rent or own your home, chances are you’ve needed a tradesperson to come in and save the day. But while most tradespeople are honest, reliable and incredibly skilled at what they do, it’s not uncommon to encounter a few problems when trying to find one. 

Scheduling visits, organising quotes and avoiding botched jobs are just some of the things that can make finding a reputable tradesperson a long and painful process. 

The amount of time and energy you have to invest in kickstarting the process can feel draining, and much like a part-time job in itself. But luckily, finding the right tradesperson doesn’t always have to be this way — if you know how to do it properly. 

So, what does it mean to master the art of finding a good tradesperson, and what steps can we take to ensure we follow suit? Stick around, and HomeHero will reveal all… 

What Are the Difficulties?

First, let’s unpack some of the difficulties that surround organising repair and maintenance work. 

To put it simply: tradespeople can be tricky to find. They’re busy people, after all. But it’s this elusiveness that can make some homeowners avoid the process altogether. 

In a recent Statista survey, 40% of people said they carry out DIY jobs or repairs themselves as a direct result of the difficulties of finding trusted tradespeople. But why is this? 

Well, location plays a crucial role. In a recent Which? survey, it was revealed that respondents from the South-East of England found it particularly challenging to find traders, reflecting the large population and volume of work done.

But at times, these barriers can be down to the specific type of tradesperson. In the same study, Which? revealed that 25% of respondents found Roofers the hardest to track down. Builders came in a close second at 22%, with Bathroom Fitters sitting at 20%. 

Radio Silence

However, the most common reason may be down to urgency. Not surprisingly, it’s a lot harder to find traders at short notice. But let’s say your boiler has broken. It’s November, and time is not on your side with a repair like this. 

So, you whip out your laptop and begin your search. After a few clicks here and there, you find a suitable-looking Heating Engineer and punch in their digits. No answer. You leave a voicemail. Try the next one. Again, no response.

Unfortunately, waiting for traders to pick up the phone or return your call is another common problem. In the Statista study, 12% of respondents said tradespeople did not tend to the repair works — it’d come to no surprise if this were due to radio silence or no shows.

Even when you do get through to a tradesperson, the next hurdle is scheduling a visit. As a general rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to get three separate quotes so you can weigh your options. But three quotes mean three tradespeople to deal with, which could mean triple the waiting time and stress. 

HomeHero’s here to Help

But let’s say a trader does show up to give you a quote — result! Everything is going smoothly, but you find yourself nodding in agreement to words and phrases you don’t entirely understand. (We’ve all been there!)

Unless you’re a tradesperson yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll have extensive knowledge on the specifics of the job. This can make negotiations an overwhelming experience, which some traders will use to their advantage. 

So, what are the solutions? Two things: educate yourself as much as possible or find a reputable tradesperson who will speak to you clearly and concisely. But unfortunately, both of these can whisk you away from more beneficial activities.

But at HomeHero, we understand that time is a precious resource. That’s why we’re committed to doing the heavy-lifting for you — all of it. Simply report your problem to HomeHero, and you’ll get the response you’re looking for. 

We’ll find and liaise with a local expert on your behalf, so you can invest the time and energy into the things that matter most. We also offer 24/7 support to ensure that you, and your home, will never be left in the lurch. Talk about the ultimate peace of mind?

Cowboy Builders

So, we’ve covered the challenges and solutions to finding the right tradesperson. But let’s flip it on its head; what about the concerns with the actual work they do? 

It’s natural to worry about whether traders will do the job to a high enough standard. But to ensure this happens for you, it can sometimes feel like you’re in the Wild West — and this is where we come across ‘cowboy builders’. 

Cowboy builders are the bane of the construction industry. They can leave you with a botched job, reoccurring problems and rinse you of your funds. While cowboy builders are a minority, there are at least 100,000 complaints about them every year. Yikes.

So, What Are The Solutions?

The key to avoiding these sketchy traders is to know how to spot one. There are tonnes of tell-tale signs that can help you filter the bad from the good, so it’s always a good idea to check these out.

But now and again, it’s easy to let a cowboy builder slip through the cracks — especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed to get the repairs done quickly.

At HomeHero, we lift this weight off your shoulders. We work with local experts and industry professionals, so you don’t have to worry about sifting through a load of websites to filter out the bad tradespeople from the good. No stress, we’ve got this. 

The Takeaway

So, taking the time to educate yourself on the Do’s and Don’ts can help you master the art of finding the right tradesperson. But giving up your free time to speak to multiple people, negotiate quotes, and ensure you dodge a botched job can be stressful and cast a cloud over other areas of your home life. To really master the art of finding a good tradesperson, we need to transform our homes so that it serves us — and with HomeHero, we can help you do this. It’s as simple as that!

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