HomeHero’s guide to the very best pieces of fitness equipment to level up your home workout.

It’s no secret that exercising is a sure fire way to boost your mood and support mental health. With stress and anxiety levels higher than ever at the moment, setting up a space in your home to maximise your workouts is essential. Whether you’re looking to wind down after a busy day at the ‘office’ or kick-start your Sunday, taking just 30 minutes to get your heart racing is always a good idea. Here are HomeHero’s favourite pieces of fitness equipment to level up your home workout. 

The At home Spin Class

Apex is the shiny new Peloton competitor that offers an at home spin bike at a more accessible price, starting at £1,200. The sleek bike comes in a chic nude colour and allows you to stream a Boom Cycle home workout straight into your living room. An investment seriously worth considering, we hear there’s a waiting list already.

The All Rounder

The TRX is a longstanding home workout favourite, to the extent that you’ll find them at most gyms now. The super versatile suspension training kit offers the ultimate body weight workout. At £169.95 it’s a fantastic alternative to gym membership and it’s a real space saver too.

the Designer Piece

If you’re looking for a practical piece of kit that doubles as an elegant addition to your home then look no further than the Kenko maple range. The maple abdominal roller, at £180 is our favourite, it’s promises a real burn and it’s impossibly chic too.

The Stress Buster

A top choice for releasing tension, this heavy bag range from Modest Vintage Player is one of our favourites. Starting at £250 the authentic leather bags make for the ultimate at home gym addition, they look fantastic too.

The Mood Booster

As far as skipping ropes go, this RDX speed rope is a seriously good one. It’s a fool proof piece of equipment to add to your home workout and coming in at just £13.99 it’s a top buy. It promises to get your heart racing and give that feel-good factor too.


Currently trending in the fitness world, the £275 Theragun isn’t strictly speaking a piece of fitness equipment but it’s worth it’s weight in gold for post workout recovery. The super powerful percussive-therapy device mimics the effect of a sports massage, some argue it’s better.

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