We check in with HomeHero’s Finance & People Lead, Afiya Titus, on the importance of wellness at work. And explore what we are offering here at HomeHero to ensure that our team brings the very best of themselves to work.

Recent months have seen most of us shifting towards remote working, balancing this significant lifestyle change alongside what can feel like a constant stream of negative news can be a real challenge. Here at HomeHero we really believe in the importance of wellness, not only physically but mentally and financially too. Our recently refreshed policies reflect this by offering support to all of employees across both their personal and professional lives. After all, happy employees are productive ones.

Working Remotely

HomeHero is now a remote-first organisation. We spoke to our team earlier this year to gauge opinion on returning to an office and the overwhelming consensus was that working from home was enabling so many of our team to maximise productivity and create more of a work life balance. We offer all of our employees support to fully kit out their home offices, whether that’s a desk, supportive chair or monitor. Whilst most of our team are working from their newly kitted out home office, some can’t, or don’t want to. So when restrictions allow we offer them a co-working space membership. These co-working spaces are usually conveniently located, close to the team member’s home, so there’s no need for a big commute, or early morning tubes. 

HomeHero has always operated a flexible hours policy, but we’ve recently leaned into this even further. We understand that the 9-5 day doesn’t suit everyone. We have an output driven culture that values people’s time. This means we can accommodate everything, from school runs to marathon training. Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, HomeHero can support your natural way of working. Flexible hours really are the future of work. 

The Importance of Time Off

Taking time to switch off completely and recharge your batteries is absolutely essential. That’s why we offer a discretionary unlimited holiday policy. So whether you’ve just finished a challenging project or need to go to a family wedding abroad, you don’t need to worry about taking the time. We know that all of our employees go above and beyond to get the job done and we don’t need to implement arbitrary holiday days. 

We also offer a monthly stipend to support wellness services. This could include a gym membership, meditation app or online yoga subscription. Everyone unwinds in a different way, from swimming to meditating or sweating it out in the gym. Some of our team’s favourite at home services include Headspace, AloMoves and SimpleHabit. Wellness should always be a priority.

Financial Wellbeing

Financial worries can be a huge cause of anxiety, especially in the current climate. Understanding financial wellness can often be overlooked in the workplace and that’s why we make this a priority for all of our employees and encourage everyone to invest in their future self. We offer an enhanced pension scheme with a generous salary sacrifice option too. We equally match all contributions to total up to 16% of our employees salary. 

Supporting working parents is so important so at HomeHero we offer a forward-thinking and progressive parental leave policy. We offer parental leave, as opposed to maternity leave. It’s a modern policy that reflects the importance of family life in today’s world. We offer 13 weeks at full pay and 13 weeks at half, for all new parents. 1 in 4 women in the UK have a C-Section and are advised not to drive for 6 weeks. So their partner returning to work can add an enormous pressure on a new family. We don’t believe in arbitrary gender roles, but standard parental leave instead.

Our COmmitment to Personal Growth

We have a real commitment to learning and development, we give our employees the resources and tools to tap into the necessary training. This means they can build on their personal growth, enhance their skill set and also add value to the business. We encourage employees to invest time in building these new skills, and then sharing them with the wider team. We also champion the benefits of finding a mentor, across all levels of seniority having an expert opinion on your career and growth is invaluable. That’s why we pair as many of our team with both internal and external mentors as possible. 

Steve Jobs famously said, ‘You cannot mandate productivity. You must provide the tools to let people become their best.’ Here at HomeHero we know that it helps us as a business when people are supported and can bring the best of themselves to work. We genuinely believe that a supported, valued and respected workforce is a more productive one. 

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