Sam Duffy is the voice of our customers here at HomeHero. From city slicker to interiors guru, our Customer Service Trainer puts kindness at the heart of everything she does. Here’s her story.

spreading Joy

I absolutely love everything and anything to do with the home. I’m so passionate about hosting, people say I’m a little extra in regards to hosting and pretty much anything in the home. On Valentine’s Day, I filled my flat with balloons carrying little messages for my boyfriend. He thinks I’m crazy but I love it, not only does it look amazing but seeing others overjoyed is so lovely.

Doing what I can to ensure that other people are having a good time is really important to me. It’s played a big part not only in my personal life, but my professional life too. 

My career started when I landed a role as a Corporate Events Coordinator. It was really quite exciting and glamorous working up in the city for a big corporation. I worked my way up the team over 5 years and looked after the executive team and their events. I loved it and it was a wonderful way to kickstart my career. 

Swooning Over Interiors

I then joined Swoon, an online furniture company, as a Customer Service Agent. It was a really exciting, and quite fast paced, environment and my small team grew quickly. I became a Product Specialist, which I was so interested in. I helped customers with their interior design visions and brought it to life with the perfect furniture. I adore interiors and working with different clients and different styles was so fascinating. Designing them the perfect home was something that I loved. 

The Power of Kindness

I’ve always cared about others. My Mum was a social worker and I think that she really instilled kindness in me. When I was growing up she was always telling me how important inclusivity and treating everyone as you want to be treated was. I think that’s had a really big impact on me and my choices – I’ve always found joy in work that enables you to help others. 

My position at HomeHero at the moment really allows me to bring the two parts of my journey together, both educating and helping really come to a head in this role. I really love the work I do on training our team, enabling them to give the very best customer service is so rewarding. 

A Breath of Fresh Air at HomeHero

I find life at HomeHero so refreshing. We’ve put this insights group together, to analyse customer feedback in depth. Customer thoughts really are at the heart of everything we do here. I think delving into exactly what customers are saying and thinking is so important. Especially as a service business, customers need to be heard. The other thing about HomeHero that I love, is that the entire wider team is involved in understanding customer feedback. That’s really rare. 

HomeHero is all about connecting people. I remember during my interview with Kenny he spoke about the importance of hiring people with a real drive. That’s so evident in the team we have here. Everyone is full of ideas and energy and we’re all working towards the same single goal. It’s definitely the most positive place that I’ve worked. The motivation and passion that everyone has to try and succeed is so inspiring and motivating in itself. 

That kind of atmosphere is invaluable. If you’re around good people it really rubs off on you. 

Finding Your Voice

I’m quite a shy person. I hate talking about myself and I’ve not always had the confidence to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I had a wonderful manager who helped me to build my confidence and confidence in my own abilities. Being pushed an encouraged to step out of my comfort zone was amazing. Understanding that what I say and do had value was really empowering. The person I am here at HomeHero is very different to the girl that started out. The company culture here at HomeHero definitely helps to build your confidence. Speaking up, sharing ideas and getting involved is a big part of the culture. 

Being surrounded by positive role models, especially female ones, has really helped shape me to who I am. I’m very lucky to have a fantastically strong mum and be surrounded by real go-getters. I’ve also got the most wonderful group of girlfriends that I’ve known since school. 

Overflowing Inboxes And Switching Off

Being in Customer Service, constant communication is part of the job. I’ve found that my whole career has been full on and demanding. You have to be really resilient, it can definitely be overwhelming. I’ve previously found switching my brain off challenging. I’m one of those people always on a mission to clear my inbox. Trying to find that balance and giving yourself the rest is so important, we all need to take a moment to slow down. 

I find that just taking a moment to concentrate on my breathing gives me the renewed strength to go back to my overflowing inbox. I love lists. Organising workloads and being able to tick things off, that gives you a real feel good factor at the end of the day. 

Creativity in Lockdown

I’m really not a creative person, I’m terrible at drawing. I think interiors and the pursuit of making a house a home is where my creativity comes through. During lockdown, I transformed my living room into a hero themed wonderland for a birthday. Even when times are hard, you’ve got to try and put a smile on peoples faces. 

I’ve been loving taking photographs recently too. I find myself saying phrases like ‘I’m working with the light’, it’s encouraging my artistic side. You don’t have to be good at what you enjoy right!?

Making The World A Better Place

I’m listening to the podcast This American Life. Hearing other peoples experiences and how they coped through situations I haven’t experienced, really widens my horizons. Hearing other peoples stories fascinates me. I hate talking about myself but anything about others is a real interest for me. 

I’m also reading a Harvard Business Review about the path of Kyosei and how global companies can protect the world. It examines how these big companies need to take responsibilities for world problems. At the moment, the world is such an uncertain place. We all need to do whatever we can as companies or individuals to make the world a better place. 

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