Ready? Let’s go home fitness.

Everyone has a reason not to work out. One of the common ones, especially in the UK, is that baby, it’s cold outside.

Well, that excuse may have just gotten weaker because working out at home is currently being rebranded as the thing to do by some seriously cool tech companies.

Park those preconceptions about home fitness being budget YouTube tutorials and somber bedroom crunches and take a look at these three high-end workouts done from the comfort of your living room.

Disclaimer: None of them are cheap.


Home Fitness

This is so much more than an exercise bike. Studio cycling enthusiasts have started skipping their public spin classes in favour of a morning cycle in their pants, without even having to leave the bedroom. Cheap, they are not. But do believe the hype because your membership — paid on top of the cost of the bike — gives you access to hundreds of classes, to fit the mood, your music taste and the moment. For those who appreciate an enthusiastic shout out in classes, there are 90 live classes a week to join, as well as recorded sessions from 5 minutes to 90 minutes long.

Classes are from £39 a month and the bike itself from £1990.


Could this be the world’s most intelligent home gym? According to Tonal, absolutely. The virtual personal trainer provides 200 pounds of digital weight to push, pull and hustle against and get in the shape of your life — without leaving your house. Let’s be clear, this is for people who are serious about their fitness — and have both a place to put it and the cash to afford it. The Coach A.I. learns from your sessions and adapts its training in real-time to fit you. The hint is in the name when it comes to the type of workout; pure resistance and toning.

Membership is $49 a month and the machines itself is $2995.


Home Fitness

This isn’t worlds away from Tonal, but the price point is friendlier and the mirror-like design a little easier on the eye. Described by Vogue magazine as “the wellness industry’s most game-changing device”, this takes care of your cardio classes, yoga, sparring sessions, and personal training. As well as looking incredibly elegant, it streams live classes, has speakers built in to connect to their playlists or your playlists, and hooks up to Bluetooth heart monitors or Apple watches. For those who love both design and fitness, this is the one.

Class subscriptions are $39 a month and the mirror costs $1495.

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