“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” — Albert Einstein

Plants have long been regarded as the final flourish to any interior designer’s masterpiece.

Now, increasingly, there’s a trend for inviting nature into the home for more holistic reasons, with scientific reports showing houseplants can “stave off stress, elevate mood and improve cognitive function”.

With more of us either working from home or finding the need to optimise our home environments for self-care and decompression, a number of horticultural startups have moved into this exciting space.

Here are three companies — UK and US — bringing good, green vibes into the home:

Patch Plants (UK)

Photo Credit: Patch Plants

Patch is a UK startup founded in 2014 with a mission to “bring the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone”. Frustrated with the lack of advice for novice City gardeners, founder Freddie Blackett set out to create a service that would hold your hand through the plant picking process, and deliver them straight to your door. The whole ethos is about sustainable plant care and picking the right plant for the space/light/environment. They’ve even gone as far as creating a Plant Hotel for owners who need to leave their beloved Ficus in good hands when on holiday. Endearingly every plant has a human name; we look after Mick and a Dana in the HomeHero office. Highly recommended.


Freddie’s Flowers (UK)

Photo Credit: Freddie’s Flowers

Different founder called Freddie, also based in London. Freddie’s Flowers is a subscription service that sends you bouquets of flowers straight from the grower — so they last longer — along with arranging tips. Each box is £24 and they tend to last a couple of weeks. Their online calendar allows you to schedule deliveries up to 48 hours before they arrive, and their team actively court feedback around preferences. We recommend their modern vase (£25) as well — mostly because they trim the stems to fit it perfectly, so less work for you.


Bloomscape (US)

Photo credit: Bloomscape

A US start-up with Dutch heritage, Bloomscape delivers plants to you complete with pots that have been painstakingly selected to match the character of the plant. A nice touch are the “ecopots”, with every pot and saucer using up to 80% recycled plastics, a lot of which are harvested from the ocean. Pots are fully customisable, with bold colour options like Indigo for those who like to peacock with their interiors. Got any questions at all about your new leafy friend? Ask their in house “Plant Mum” Joyce for advice. Cute.


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