Sofa, so good.

How much time do you spend on the sofa every night? It’s a delicate question.

Like it or not, the sofa has long been the heart of the home and a sponge for our free time. It’s the place where we watch our endless box sets, the place where we catch up with friends over large cups of tea, the place where we drink wine with a partner, and the place where we fall asleep prematurely at the end of a long week.

Buying a sofa is also one of the biggest decisions when it comes to our home interiors. In fact, according to The Independent, people take 3 times longer to decide on a sofa than they do on purchasing the house itself.

So why does it take us so long to pick one?

There are many considerations, from the colour palette, to the shape, the brand, the price, the durability — all important. However, like most big wallet decisions in life, we tend to think more with our hearts than our heads, which leaves us picking brands we love, that speak to our sense of identity (or who we want to be). According to Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman, it’s 95% emotion that drives purchasing decisions, which means we look for more than just a comfy seat and a decent warranty.

So with that in mind, here are 6 sofa brands right now giving us the feels (and making great stuff):

Snug Shack

Photo Credit: Snug Shack

One of the more frustrating parts of buying a sofa is the 12 week lead time between paying for it and having it arrive. Not so with Snug Shack. Relatively new to the market, this is the original “sofa in a box” brand, for the playful and fuss free buyer. It’s a three day delivery and a three minute assembly, which means you can assess very quickly if it works in the space — and if you love it — and send it back within a 30 day period if not. It also means that you have zero issues with fitting the thing through the door; it’ll glide right through. Their signature sofa is the Rebel 3-Seater sofa (£899) which comes in four colours and two leg options. This may not be your forever sofa, but it’s great looking and a fantastic start for new home buyers or renters.

Maker & Son

Maker & Son Sofa
Photo credit: Maker & Son

On the other side of the price spectrum is Maker & Son, a company that boldly describes their sofas as the most comfortable in the world. Luxurious upholstery, oversized beautiful deep blue 5-seaters that could probably squeeze on eight (slight) visitors, romantic loveseats for two and velvet armchairs that are, for want of a better praise, utterly Instagrammable. Armchairs hover at the £2795 mark and 5-seater sofas at over £6000. Materials are ethically sourced and 100% natural, plus they come with a 30 year guarantee. You’ll fall in love with this sofa.


Photo Credit: Camerich USA

Camerich is the sofa company beloved by interior designers who value “tasteful” over showy, and have a penchant for modern designs and chic corner sofas. If you like grey, you’ll find a rainbow of variations in their colour swatches. However, they also peacock with a few lime greens, a kooky cranberry and rich blues to bring deeper shades to a room. All covers are washable and if you’re into changing your tones to match the season you can also order spare collections in different colours (at around £1,000). A bestseller is the Lazytime Corner, the perfect corner sofa for a modern house or flat, with prices from £2,704. This is the sofa for someone who likes to thing of themselves as subtly stylish, without compromising on pragmatism.

Photo credit: is a startup that has fundamentally changed the face of interiors with its simple yet stylish pieces and core commitment to high end affordable design at your fingertips. Bargain chasers who refuse to compromise on design credentials, this one’s for you. With a good eye on trends, their sofas range from does-the-job to extra, whether you want to make a statement with deep pink velvet or go for a minimalist grey essentials sofa, a snip at £399. They have a broad product remit, from lighting to tables to accessories so there is a slight risk that you fall down a design hole and end up with a very full basket.


Photo credit: Vinterior

Are you a sucker for a pre-loved item? Vinterior is a start-up disrupting the world of vintage furniture, offering character pieces, online. Now offering the greatest selection of vintage furniture in the UK and a community of over 1,600 independent furniture dealers worldwide, there’s a sofa for every style from Art Deco to Modern Scandi. Their moto is to choose the “beautiful over the bland” which means you’ll stumble upon pieces like this elegant mid-century sofa in velvet to this Danish raspberry settee. For the person who is looking for a sofa with a story.


Photo credit: Loaf

These sofas as seriously comfy and appeal to the buyer who is shamelessly all about that duvet and Oreo chill. From the Weekender Sofa to the Sloucher, think deep seats and feather-wrapped foam cushions. We use Loaf when looking for a sofa bed that people actually need to sleep on. While you can expect to pay a couple of thousand for one of their sofas, they also have a sale section with Odd Bumps, shaving off around £500 or more for the odd water stain or fixable nick. The guarantee is 10 years and you can also choose to add on something called Castelan Protection, to protect against 5 years of TV dinner and wine spills — of which there will be many.

Happy sofa surfing.

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