In the absence of a personal chef, try this.

“What are we having for dinner?” An innocuous enough question.

However, the frequency with which it crops up in life can turn the pleasure of communal dining to a Groundhog Day of routine.

Sure, some of us love to unwind in the kitchen and meal prep the whole week.

However, some simply don’t have the time — or inclination — to plan every meal, buy every ingredient, google every recipe and pull it off. At best it’s a luxury, at worst it’s monotonous.

This is in part why HomeHero set out to alleviate the sort of chores that have you thinking “I’ve got better things to do than this”, whether that’s grocery shopping, cleaning or setting up bills.

And while looking around for services that could improve the home lives of our customers, we came across…

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef is a healthy meal kit delivery service, for those looking for something easy, delicious and lean to have on the table.

Everything you need is sent to you in your box, from the ingredients to the recipe cards and meals are innovative and feel-good, from pork chilli with sweet potato wedges to vegan-friendly dishes like harissa tofu and turmeric rice.

With that in mind, we jumped at the chance to spread the word by giving away a set of delicious FREE dinners to one lucky follower.

Taking Dinner Off Your Hands This November

HomeHero is running a competition from Monday 11th November until Sunday 24th November to give away a free box of three Mindful Chef dinners (for two people), with all ingredients included and easy to follow recipe cards.

All you have to do is…

Apply on Instagram

Head to our Instagram page and follow the instructions.

Bon Appetit!

HomeHero is a digital home manager, taking care of your chores, bills, maintenance and admin, to free up your time for what matters most.

Find out more about us at and

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