What’s more exciting than the seed of a new idea?

People love to know how a business got started.  The scribble on the back of a napkin. The casual pub conversation that led to a big eureka. The origin story.

However, as philosopher Alfred North Whitehead put it:

 “Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.”

It’s in the doing that great businesses are made.

In 2019, Kenny Alegbe and Mooktakim Ahmed were a few years into running a home utilities platform, but a new idea had started taking shape.

They knew what they wanted to do:  Make managing a home easy. 

They knew what it would be called: HomeHero

But what it would look like kept changing.

The past year has been spent figuring out what HomeHero as a product will be. How it could, if well-executed, fundamentally change how people interact with their homes and neighbourhoods, and rescue the time wasted on household admin for what really matters in life.

Of course, there’s a degree of pain that comes with birthing an idea into the world. You make yourself professionally vulnerable. You put your best guess out there, see where the chips fall and prioritise learning from every good step and every misstep.

It’s in that learning that our team sees an opportunity to start having some frank and open discussions around what it actually takes to create a new product. Exciting as it may be, the startup scene can often be less about honest conversations, and more about smoke and mirrors, unrealistic growth targets, and a real lack of transparency. 

We don’t want to be that sort of company. 

Which brings us to the launch of our new campaign, Open House.  

Open House is a 100-day behind the scenes look at the creation of HomeHero, where we will share what it involves to turn an idea into a product.

What we’re working towards is a V1 HomeHero product that a) Solves a problem b) Works beautifully c) Gets people excited.

This means openly sharing the challenges, the people, the roadmaps, the hiccups, the pivots and the insight behind what we’re doing; flinging the remote office doors open and inviting you in. 

Why bother?

So you can get to know us from the start,  so you can learn from our journey, so we can cut the BS, and even get your input on a product that’s being designed by a few for the many.

So check back in on our blog, see what’s up on the socials, and feel welcome to comment and feedback at every stage.

We look forward to welcoming you in. Happy snooping.

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