This October, the HomeHero team pledged to run, cycle and walk 1000km to support homelessness charity, the Albert Kennedy Trust

Our #witnessthefitness challenge has seen the HomeHero team running, cycling and walking around the country in aid of supporting the wonderful work of akt. Varying from speedy sprints through the countryside to power walks down the Thames and pedaling out the miles in the gym, the team are working their socks off. With serious commitment from our Heroes across the company, it looks like we’re on track to hit our goal. For every 100km run and 300km cycled HomeHero will be donating £100 to akt. 

Akt is the national LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity, providing safe homes and better futures for LGBTQ+ young people. Almost 25% of people facing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+. 77% of those cite rejection or abuse from their families as what has led them to be so. Over 75% of akt’s clients are from minority backgrounds. In 30 years, akt has provided over 250,000 nights off the street and supported over 50,000 LGBTQ+ young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness. 

As we’re busy working towards settingHomeHero in our users’ homes, homelessness is a core theme for us to connect with as a part of our company mission. Here at HomeHero we believe that everyone deserves a safe space to sleep. 

Last year our Founder & CEO Kenny got involved with a different homelessness initiative, Why Our CEO Decided to Sleep Outside in Winter

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